Little Pleasures

Just got back from the weekly shopping trip. The 45minute ride over rough roads spotted with pot holes and slush fills my brain with random thoughts. One high light of the trip was finally getting a check out girl who knows how to pack bags. She organized and thoughtfully filled using only two of my grocery bags. (And I had a full cart.) I will not be left with a dozen plastic bags to store or throw away. I was so happy to thank her for her packing skills. My Dad would have been proud of her.

The sun feels strong, but the snow banks are still guarding the sides of the road. It is hard to believe that anything will grow here again. Everything sill looks too frozen. The car wears a salt/dirt coat, almost obliterating the license plate numbers. The smudged windshield frames snow covered fields and mountains. Almost warm enough to wash the car, but the ride home would have just got it all dirty again. No need to buy bird seed, the last sprinkled around for our feathered friends. I think the bears are still hibernating around here. Speaking of hibernating, sun warming the bed spread, after all these supplies put away I need a quick nap!


5 thoughts on “Little Pleasures

  1. So many wonderful things in your post hibernating and thinking that all those growing things aren’t ready to wake up.

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  2. This slice is such a classic example of how an ordinary moment can be turned into a fine literary work of craftsmanship. So many great verbs, stark descriptions, literary devices… love it.

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  3. Elizabeth Pruett March 24, 2018 — 8:57 pm

    I loved your descriptions of the car and side of the roads in your second paragraph. The bears and flowers will be out soon!!!!

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  4. Wow. You noticed everything and brought my attention to all the ordinary things I overlook, making them each feel extraordinary.

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  5. wonderful contrasts and links in this post – the way the grocery packing makes you think of your dad, the neatness of the packing vs the unruliness of nature, sun/snow, growing/frozen. It’s “just” a slice of life, but it bursts with reality.

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