Letter to myself

Letter to myself.

Dear Teri,

Do remember that you are loved and appreciated. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Don’t let those negative thoughts and self doubts reign. You would never approve of another person being so close minded. You need to remember all you have accomplished. There is much you are doing right.

Do remember how much better you feel when you are taking care of yourself physically and spiritually. Make time for exercise. Those invigorating walks give life to your muscles and fuel your imagination. Slow down and enjoy your meals. Don’t over eat. Curb those chocolate cravings.

Remember to listen more. You do not have to always be right. It is better to be kind. Breathe deeply. Stay optimistic. Problems can be solved.

Do keep on writing. Practice expressing yourself in different ways.


9 thoughts on “Letter to myself

  1. Oh, I needed to write this to myself yesterday. Reading it here just helped so much. I hope you hear your words too. Such sage advice!

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  2. Great reminders for all of us! We teachers are often too hard on ourselves. I love your second paragraph. I could have written the same one to myself.

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  3. Great advice for all of us! I may borrow your format for a future slice. “Remember to listen more.”
    “Its better to be kind.” I love that! Thanks.

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  4. Oh! “It is better to be kind.” Yes! I feel like this letter could be to me, too. Important reminders to us all.

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  5. Better to be kind than right…amen. Wonderful idea for a slice- thank you!

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  6. Such a good idea to write a letter with advice to oneself. Love this slice!

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  7. Sounds like a letter we all could receive.

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  8. This seems like a letter that could be printed off and shared with so many people when they need it.

    DO keep writing! (I hope your students are still writing too. I haven’t been back to your classroom blog since my hand/wrist/shoulder/neck/back are still in a lot of pain. I’m on my iPad now, where I can dictate, rather than my computer where I have to type.) We need your voice in this community!


    1. Yes, still writing with the students and they are liking it! Take care of yourself. Thank you for all you do for us struggling writers!

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