34C7B324-D6AE-4F9F-A0B3-E251C1D3C829Yes, I am multi-tasking. My husband hates it when I do this, but so much to do and so little time.


  • watching the news
  • commenting on slices
  • drying clothes in the dryer
  • putting together a grocery list
  • sipping tea
  • scheduling appointments for tomorrow
  • trying to placate the cat- “There’s snow out there, you don’t want to go out.”
  • wondering what to do nextpostit-scrabble-to-do.jpg

4 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Oh, how I relate to this list. What really drove my husband crazy (and was legitimately dumb) was when I multi-tasked while we watched a TV show. I actually started knitting again to keep my hands busy so I could pay attention. Also, good luck keeping the cat inside.

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  2. I think multi-tasking is a required skill of any teacher! How else would we ever get it all done?

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  3. Ah, multi-tasking! I enjoyed this list and the little glimpse into your evening. The detail about the cat made me laugh. We’ve had a few warm days where ours can go onto the porch. They will be very confused and cranky when we have another cold spell and the door must stay closed.

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  4. It was a bit scary that some of your list was what I was doing as I was reading!

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