Walking with eyes wide-open

I can usually find some inspiration when I walk along my country road. Instead of just counting the cadence of my steps, I am trying to stay focused on my senses.

Sight- a baby blue sky streaked with clouds;two straight lines from jets flying high above; bare tips of trees reaching towards the heavens; tops of trees swaying in the breeze; melting snow banks on the sides of the road

Sound- the tap, tap of my foot steps; cawing of a couple big, annoying crows; swish of my arms against the jacket fabric; car approaching from a distance, they sound different coming from in front of me or from behind me; thegentlewhoosh of wind in the trees; the sweet call of the chickadees.

But my mind keeps jumping back to the mundane details of life- to do lists, should haves, could haves.

Okay, let me try again. What am I seeing, hearing?


4 thoughts on “Walking with eyes wide-open

  1. I like the tenacity inherent in this slice–your determination to focus and find something to spark an idea. I understand all too well those times when to do lists and other details seem to take over and block inspiration. I hope you enjoyed your walk. Great slice idea!

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  2. Clare Landrigan March 6, 2018 — 11:04 am

    It is so hard to stay in the moment — you captured that tension between being present and worrying about what is or needs to be. It is something I am always striving to do – be in the moment. Thank you for reminding me it takes focus.

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  3. Your intentional focus on your senses…really cool. Love the choice to combine words to capture the aesthetic of the moment – “thegentlewhoosh.” This slice is a great reminder that we do need to spend some time intentionally quieting our minds and paying attention to our lives in a mindful way. Thanks for sharing this!

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  4. Sometimes it is just hard to keep those intruding mundane thoughts at bay.


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