Car Talk

Today I had a ride in my friend’s new car. The new car smell was still there, along with plenty of comfort and so much more. These new dashboards resemble the cock pits of  an air line jet! Everything glows in neon. There are more dials and buttons than one can read in a glance. Apparently she should have stayed for the class at the dealership to find out what to do with this overload of information. You might see these lights for everything from a reminder that someone’s not wearing a seatbelt to a warning that tire pressure is low. We drove through a puddle and a scary verbal warning told us to watch for freezing pavement! It was 37 degrees out and we natives knew we were safe. I’m sure much design and thought goes into these instrument panels, but is it just another case of letting the driver realize too much can go wrong and you’re left with praying that no lights come on when you turn the key? If you can turn the key, and had not left the wheels turned and the steering wheel locked! Quick, hand me the manuel so I can look it up!🚙


3 thoughts on “Car Talk

  1. Info Overload is the way of life with modern automobiles, it seems, and diagnostics are all with computer, not strong hands and greasy wrenches. I’m not sure if that is always progress …


  2. I’m still driving an older model without the bells and whistles. Your post reminds me that someday when I “upgrade”, I’m going to have a major adjustment to make. Your choice to put this all in one dense paragraph heightened the tension for me.


  3. I love the tone of this post…almost suggesting that all this technology to help drivers is or can be counterproductive. Makes me wonder if it could even be dangerous. I once heard we have WAY more signs on the roads for drivers to pay attention to than in Europe. Still, it would be nice to have a newer car than 2003…ha! Thanks for sharing this!


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