Hello, March!


M- must do this, maybe I can do this writing

A- ability, I can do this

R- ready, enough delaying, I’m writing

C- challenge, needed for growth

H- happiness comes with writing & commenting

1- One day at a time.

I wish I were a person who totally plans ahead. I mean I plan. I am a teacher. But for this writing challenge I like to, seem to rely on, daily, spur of the moment, inspiration. Thank goodness some of this inspiration will come from others also completing this challenge! I will,(no trying) pay attention more, reflect more and share more.


4 thoughts on “Hello, March!

  1. I am also a pantser when it comes to writing. I wish I had created a list of things I could write about. Instead, I’ll be walking through this month constantly on the lookout. If I am lucky, I will have a pencil & paper at hand.

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  2. Both types of writing are effective. I mentally draft a lot, but usually wait until the morning of to write. Happy March!

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  3. So glad you’re here and taking on this writing challenge! You’ve begun with an original format! Your writing relies on stark and honest trepidation as inspiration, which I know many of us are feeling. This is only my second year, and I found that the more posts you’re able to read, the more your ideas will flow. Plus, writing everyday develops a muscle that gets stronger. Thanks for sharing this slice!

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  4. I may have a theme, but I am still an on-the-fly writer. You’ve got a great start to your challenge!


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