Winter Break

Finally time for a well-deserved break. Finally the weather has warmed. Finally the granddaughter is ready to go out. Talk about feeling old, following an active eight year old around takes energy. How did my Mother do it all those years? Yes, we played outside everyday, but Sundays were always family time. My mother and her sister packed cars with kids, sleds and snacks and drove off to adventure! Sledding was even more rewarding because we would have to climb back up the hill to enjoy another ride down. That gave us time to breathe in the fresh air as we argued about who went the furthest. I hope I have inherited those two women’s active genes!



4 thoughts on “Winter Break

  1. Have a wonderful tie 😊

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    1. I knew what you meant- we’re teachers!🙃

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  2. Looking through the lens of experience, age and memories is interesting when we start comparing our lives to those of our family. Sounds like you’ve gleaned a bit more wisdom about what’s important in life.

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