Old Rockers🎶

My husband and I finally made it out of our winter hibernation/doldrums to an Allman Brothers band tribute. It was inexpensive, close to home, early in the evening, and marvelous! Singing and swaying with the familiar tunes made us feel young! The fellas on stage we’re having a blast too. What a shock it was then, when the lights came up, to see that we were in the midst of all these old people! I know them as friends and neighbors, but I was feeling so young that I expected the clock to be turned back. For that brief period, there were no aches and pains, no worries or doubts. It’s comforting to realize that we’ve still got our groove on,  even as colorful t-shirts stretch over beer bellies, eye glasses hang from chains instead of peace signs and grey haired women still wear maxi skirts and boots (albeit, snow boots with ice-creepers attached)!



5 thoughts on “Old Rockers🎶

  1. “What a shock it was then, when the lights came up, to see that we were in the midst of all these old people!” Oh–you crafted this so well. Love it!

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  2. I love this!!! In my heart, I am in my late 20s or early 30s. Sometimes, I wonder who the woman in the mirror is.

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    1. Oh yes, where has the time gone?


  3. Maxi skirts & snow boots! What an image you painted with that description!
    You’re as young (or as old) as you feel in your heart. Seems like you’re young at heart!

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  4. Love your post! It never ceases to amaze me how young my “insides” are compared to this body that is starting to break down on me! I am definitely 20 on the inside but close to 60 on the outside. Yikes!!!

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