Under the cloud blanket

It has been awhile since I wrote for SOL, but I am making thepexels-photo-744487.jpeg effort again. As I get my class ready for the March challenge, I prepare myself, remember myself and begin…

Finally the drive to school in the morning is happening with some light beginning to shine. For too long this trip has been in the dark. Then the only illumination was from the car’s headlights. It was like driving in a cocoon. I had forgotten how beautiful the countryside looks in the morning light. The experience this morning was the sensation of crawling under a grey, fluffy blanket. A layer of clouds floated above insulating the ground below. The temperature stayed comfortable overnight. At least for early February, it was comfortable in northern NH! My short sojourn rolls over hills and valleys, and too often I forget to look and see the beauty before me and thank Mother Nature for her gifts.



5 thoughts on “Under the cloud blanket

  1. Mother Nature is amazing!

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  2. I noticed sunshine for the first morning in quite some time today too. We’re inching closer toward those days!

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  3. Beautiful imagery in your post!

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  4. Oh yes! I’ve noticed the sun is moving toward it’s more northerly path and light is coming earlier. I noticed your note when you posted your link. I’ve be absent for several months, am just now returning myself. Looking forward to March. Stretching myself this month with a poetry challenge.

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  5. I would love to see the countryside every day.

    P.S. I am a new Slicer. I posted my very first Slice of Life on my blog. 🙂

    A Turtle is a Boy’s Best Friend

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