Lessons to pass on

SOL#17 – Day 22

Wednesday – the middle of the week. Hump Day. So much has already been accomplished, but still more to do. Here is a blog inspired by divichos‘ Lessons. Things  to pass on to my granddaughters.

Remember that is is important to always say “please” and “Thank you”

Remember that home is your safest place

Remember to be nice to your family – you will always want them with you

Remember to stop and watch the sunsets at camp

Remember to wear long sleeves and pants when you go picking blackberries

Remember to always ask before petting a stranger’s dog

Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Remember to always get enough sleep

Remember that your Grandparents love you to the moon and back





2 thoughts on “Lessons to pass on

  1. I’m so glad that you found some inspiration from my poem. It’s so true about asking before you pet a stranger’s dog.

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  2. This was refreshing and while I agree with all these being important things to remember, I adore the last line. 🙂


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