Town Meeting – Democracy rules

SOL#17 Day 19           classroom-challenge

Yesterday was our annual Town Meeting. Thank goodness it has to happen only once a year. Almost three hours of democracy at work is so tiring. Everyone processes things through their own filters and that makes it difficult for any agreements to occur. I can see the difficulty any public official faces – it is impossible to give everyone what they want. Some body is always unhappy. One of our main issues  this year is the replacement cost of our older, faltering water system. We were presented with lots of cost overrun causing extra work, new plans, new bids, new questions. Yet this project needs to be finished. Just like each person has his/her own preferred limit of debt, each person asks for a preferred solution. Little agreement. This is how democracy works. The majority vote wins, and the losers have to accept it. And those who don’t vote have to keep their mouths closed. Sound familiar?


4 thoughts on “Town Meeting – Democracy rules

  1. “it is impossible to give everyone what they want. Some body is always unhappy”
    Sounds just like running a family! You try your best based on the information you have on hand. Once a decision is made some are happy and others not so much!

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  2. I’ve never lived in a small town with meetings like this, so it was an interesting scenario to read. I’m amazed that a decision could be reached in one meeting!

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