Yes, a Planner!

SOL#17 -Day 18    classroom-challenge

I think because it has taken me two days to think about if I am a planner or not, speaks for itself. As a teacher I am definitely looking ahead always. But in the day to day class room, I sometimes have to be ready to switch lessons up at a moments notice. But I have also had those back up plans in my head too. So I do do both. At heart though I am the planner. I was the one in college working on the long term assignments in steps over time. Because I had always worked starting in high school, I realized that I had to do my homework when I had time – not always just when I wanted to do them. I wanted to keep my job, I liked the cash,  and I was competitive. I wanted to keep doing well in school. I have never been able to pull all-nighters, cramming for tests, but always studied everyday in order to be ready for the exam.

I feel stress when I can’t plan. It is interesting that when in my thirties I took a full time waitress job, the stress I felt at first. That is a job where you cannot plan a week ahead. So every day I used to literally get sick before going to work.  But once the shift started and I could start managing my tables I would feel great. I held forms of this job for ten years and  was a good waitress, despite having nightmares of setting and unsetting my bedside table. I would wake to find my clock and the book I was reading on the floor.

Then I came upon my dream job, teaching. I needed to do planning in order to succeed. I love preparing and sometimes over preparing. As one of my colleagues once told me, “There will always be more to do.”  Now I am learning to set limits for my own time in the  classroom. I am trying to be more efficient and of course – better prepared.


8 thoughts on “Yes, a Planner!

  1. I am a perfect mix of planner and procrastinator! 🙂 It sounds like you are almost all planner…good thing you found your calling as a teacher!

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    1. As a literacy coach, I get to see all different “types” of teachers. I am a planner… An OCD planner, to be sure. But I have also grown to appreciate those teachers who have messy desks, for their creativity and teachable moments.

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  2. Having a dream job and loving to plan – you are in a good place.

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  3. I appreciated reading your journey of thought as you discovered some truths about yourself. We must know ourselves. It’s actually fascinates me to hear about your anxiety with waitressing, and not with teaching. Yet, that’s what makes us different – all of our gifts and talents are needed in this world. I’m so glad you discovered teaching!

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  4. Planning might not be anyone’s dream job, well maybe, actually. But I love that it is a means of an end for what you are truly passionate about. In this slice, I feel like we learned so much more about you besides that you are a planner — that’s neat!

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  5. Whereas I immediately grabbed that Pantser button! Though I do agree that a certain amount of planning makes life go more smoothly.

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  6. You do need that combination of being a good planner and one who can think on their feet. Planning is not always what happens on the trip, it’s the destination! If you get there, then you planned it! Don’t mistake a messy desk, and a spontaneous lesson for “no good”. There are all sorts of ways to take the trip! I’m happy that you recognize your strength!

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  7. I wish I were more of a planner.. I’m in a happy in-between, I guess. I still don’t know if I’m a planner or not.

    Whatever you do, save, save, save the lessons that work for the following year. Makes it easier to plan, then, too.

    I’m where you are, though.. 🙂

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