SOL#17 Day 14

A big full moon was setting as I drove to school yesterday. I love being able to see the moon from my house. Especially when the moon is full, different shades of light can be viewed across its face. Do you believe that humans have traveled to that faraway place?Even better would be to view the Earth from the moon. Someday some people may be space traveling. Imagine. I will be happy to just do more traveling in this world. Others write about so many interesting places that I could explore. First I have more of the US to visit, then head east and west and north and south. Imagine staying in Antarctica with the penguins. Imagine riding a camel in the desert. Imagine stalking butterflies and humming birds with my camera in Costa Rica. Imagine, imagine, imagine.

image                classroom-challenge



3 thoughts on “Imagine

  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful. Did you take the picture – it’s stunning!


    1. Not my picture, but I love it!

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  2. I agree, seeing the earth from the moon would be pretty, dang cool.

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