SOL#17 – Day 13

3-13, My Birthday!

A little ruminating on Birthdays

Can you remember that first birthday?

That first piece of cake or spoonful of ice cream? Having no children of my own and being a doting Aunt, I always felt it my familial duty to spoil the little nieces and nephews with a bite from my plate at their first celebration. We saw nothing wrong with giving the babies sugar. Who knew those cravings we were starting so young? Now “they” seem to give the child his own small cake to mooch his hands into and smear on his face. Imagine? My Mom never would have approved of that, she was always trying to keep us clean.

Old Yankee joke: What is the name of Denice’s brother? Da nephew, of course!

Today’s Birthday celebrations seem so extreme and extravagant to my big family, small town sensibilities. I had only cousins over, home-made delicious cake and one or two gifts. When did this practice of gift bags for all guests begin? My step daughter almost needed a small loan to finance the last birthday celebration – decorations, invitations, prizes, gift bags, cake, food, and presents. And this was a home party. I can hardly wait until the granddaughters want a destination party. I am starting to save now.

Food and Birthdays seem intertwined. We all want our favorite meals and treats. I got shrimp Alfredo fulfilling my love for sea food. There are so many desserts I love – carrot cake, Boston creme pie, or creme puffs. Let’s see what I get today. As a member of the clean plate club, I’m sure I’ll completely eat my serving.





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