Wash and skate

SOL#17 – Day 7

As I left school yesterday to attend a PD workshop, my eyes were on the temperature gauge in the car. It was rising! In the Northeast, winter has been a series of cold days, very cold days, hot days, warm days, frigid days, then warm days yet again.. I was hoping during my venture out of town to get my car washed. Yesterday started out very cold, 9 degrees above zero at my house. The prediction was for a sunny day to happen and it is March when the sun is stronger, so I was optimistic. There was a rapid rise in temperature. By noon recess it was 24 degrees above zero and by 2:30 when I left it was already 38 degrees. With sunglasses on and radio blaring, I was cruising the river road to my destination and the temperature was rising to 42 degrees. Apparently I was not the only one with a filthy car. There was a line at the car wash and I only had limited time before the class started. So I got in line for the do it yourself wash. No line. Just one guy finishing washing his truck. Unbelievable good luck! I got out my change and went to the machine to make more change. Come on, fellow, hurry up! Finally he pulls out. I move slowly into the garage. I check to be sure all my windows are closed tightly. Grab my gloves and open the door.  Oh no! The cement floor is covered with ice! That’s okay. I have boots on. I will walk gingerly around the edges where there is not much ice.This would be more difficult than I thought. I crept over to deposit my quarters and was committed to washing this car. I know that you should walk like a penguin when it is icy, but this was hard to do on several layers of ice. I worked my way slowly around the car, holding on to the bumpers, walls and the water hose itself. Four more minutes left! Because of my Yankee thriftiness I could not drive away and leave time and water at the wash. So I bravely sprayed on, holding my breath that I would not slip and fall in front of all these cars in line! 26 seconds left – I’m done. Enough. I drove away in a sort of clean car.

Today rain. I should have waited for the rain to wash that car clean.classroom-challenge


3 thoughts on “Wash and skate

  1. Funny, you really nail the humor in your piece! I don’t know too many people down here in DC that go to the car wash when the high temp is 38 degrees! The ice would have freaked me out, but I loved how your “Yankee thriftiness” kept you going.
    And of course it rained the next day.

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