Things I know!?

SOL#17 – Day 6


Things I know without asking. I am taking this prompt from Sweet Writing Life (Thank you).

Okay this should be easy. I know what I know and what I don’t know, of course. Sometimes I think I know too much. Or rather I read into others’ actions and motives.Do I really know why some one acts as they do? But sometimes I do get these motivations right. I can be sensitive to others moods. Then there are other times when I am all up in my head and feeling like I need all my own attention.  It’s like a balancing act- being open, yet not denying my instincts. So there is not just black and white, but various shades of grey and I do know this. I know this to be true in relationships – between husband and wife, between teacher and students, between housewife and career woman, between siblings. It is about standing in the middle while the pendulum swings from one extreme to the other. I can remember being nervous enjoying a really happy occasion because I felt that I knew it could not last and be prepared for the opposite, a really bad something. (Or is that the Catholic guilt I grew up with?)

I do know that life is beautiful and this Earth is amazing. Yes, I can worry and fret, but I do believe in goodness and faith. I believe that truth triumphs and connections between people can be powerful.



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