Along with doing this writing challenge, my class has entered the class challenge which has me dealing more with technical glitches. Not my forte!

Everyone seemed to find topics to write about so far. Most of these technical glitches we hope to have solved. The students are much more savvy about these things than me. As an older person, over sixty, I did not grow up with such a myriad of gadgets, so I’ve had to learn on the job. I am proud of how I try to keep up with many of the newer aspects of a 21st century classroom, but sometimes I need help. And many times that help comes from my students.(Our Tech Adviser is not on campus) Young people are so good at exploring new apps and their tools. I am trying not to be so timid about pushing buttons because those kids have showed me that is how you learn. And there is usually not just ONE way to get to where you want to be.

For example, on Friday I was just wanting to make my screen larger for the whiteboard so we could read the data, but I couldn’t remember how to do it, again. One student quickly came over to do it for me, but I was so busy watching the whiteboard screen that I didn’t see how she did it! No worry, the other students were eager to lead me orally and visually through the steps. And later in the day I was able to do it myself and then put it back to normal! Success. I hope I can remember this next time too.


2 thoughts on “SOL#17 – Day 4 So Proud!

  1. I had a bad tech week, too. Sadly, the problems were not ones students could help solve. I’m also older (58) and often share stories with students about my pre-tech student and teaching life. They are mortified by these stories. Much of what I’ve learned about tech comes from students, but I’ve also taught the kids a lot about tech over the years, too.

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