SOL#1 Mother Nature’s Strength

It is always amazing to experience the power of Nature. Humans, filled with hubris, continue to build and design their roads, homes and cities wherever they desire with no regard for the natural occurrences that may, might happen. I’m not referring only to the exaggerated weather swings caused by global warming, but  just the daily, seasonal blows that Mother Nature can punch.

Winter, here in the northeast, has meant large snowfalls (like our old-fashioned winters). And of course, there are always some people not prepared – no winter tires, sand or salt. Or people want to drive too fast for the road conditions. The temperature can also be dangerously low, especially with a brisk wind. Now we are experiencing several days of warmer than normal weather. In such a serene landscape, one cannot believe that there can be changes happening only because of the strength of the sun. On my walk yesterday I could see on the sides of the road hidden rivulets of water being tunneled beneath the snow. I like to think of the power of the sun pulling moisture up from the ground into the branches and leaf buds. Yes, our sun is very strong and it does have a big effect on the planet. It is always hard for students to understand that it is the tilt of the earth’s axis that causes seasons to occur.not the distance from the sun.I really do enjoy living where there are four distinct seasons.

2 thoughts on “SOL#1 Mother Nature’s Strength

  1. Really, when you think about it is pretty spectacular. It makes me wonder how warm the new Trappist planets are, and how their sun impacts their weather.

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  2. I love your descriptions of the snow…especially since where I’m from (Hawaii), I rarely ever see it! I’m jealous that you get to see all four seasons! 🙂 I think people sometimes underestimate the power of water (and snow) and I would probably be like some of the “unprepared people” that you write about. Nonetheless, I loved reading your post! Thank you for sharing!


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