At this time of year it is still dark when I come to school in the morning. I hate that. I come from a family of early risers –  we all say it was from my Dad because he was a milk-man delivering milk early in the morning! Anyway,  I like to come to school early when there are less interruptions.  So this morning as I walked up to the school building there were dark shadows made by the bushes and mounds of snow. Then the wind started to blow and real bizarre shapes appeared. Oh, my imagination can run on high. Suddenly the angles looked like the ears of beasts. The illumination shining from the street lights twinkled on the snow and metal play equipment like the eyes of beasts. I suddenly remembered the scenes from The BFG showing the friendly giant hiding so completely in the dark areas of the streets.My winter boots crunched loudly over the frozen tracks left on the path. Surely these annoying screeches would scare any creatures away. These patches of frozen icicles made the trek slower than normal. More time for the imagination to work. Finally, I made it to the warmth and safety of the foyer where my key slid smoothly into the lock and as I pulled the door open my breath slowed and normalcy returned. Well as normal as school can get a few days before Christmas vacation begins.

1 thought on “Shadows

  1. Getting to work when it’s still dark can be so depressing. Imagining scary shapes in the shadows can at least make it more interesting. And it’s always good when the lock doesn’t freeze as well. Those shadows can also be a writing prompt for students if they are old enough.


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