The first appreciable snow has arrived, along with mixed reactions. Of course, it looks beautiful – so clean, so white, so soft and so quiet! As the snow fell all morning, it was like sitting inside a snow globe after it was shaken up. White feathers floated down from heaven suggesting angels having a fun day too! Is that why it is so much fun to make snow angels in the snow? This light, fluffy snow enveloped and hugged different shapes in the landscape. Strange white blobs showed up everywhere – Is that blob the flower pot I forgot to bring in?

Just like there is two sides of coin, there is usually another reaction to snow. Ugh!! The snow all has to be moved out of the way. Even when it is light, fluffy snow, it piles up quickly. Where ever we have to walk there is packed snow and slippery surfaces. Appropriate clothing is definitely needed now. There will be no more quickly running out the door without shoes and jackets. Now the cars need to be warmed up, scraped clean and kept full of gas. Weather forecasts need to be studied before any adventure out. Thermometers should be checked too.

All of this, both the positive and the negative, is a reminder to respect Mother Nature.



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