So Much…

Summertime… So much I want to accomplish, enjoy and and experience. Isn’t that grand? First I was enchanted by all the shades of green surrounding me. Bright, olive or grass green – a quilt of shades overflowing all the roadways and hills. And there was even sumptuous smells wafting up as the haying was begun. I’m breathing in deeply and relaxing, yet still remembering a to do list in mind!  First let me clean off this desk full of this past school year’s plans, discards and dreams. Already I’m filling folders of activities and ideas for the upcoming year. Oh, and remember, I want to start writing in my journal/notebook every morning now too. And exercising too. Maybe a little yoga. Don’t forget the flowers and weeding. And the new books I want to be reading, too. Fun time with the Grand daughters coming soon too! And family vacation coming closer. Okay, breathe. I can do this. I want to do this. Isn’t life grand?!


4 thoughts on “So Much…

  1. This is day 1 of summer vacation for me. I’ve written my slice, but have yet to write in my notebook, which I think will be for ideas and flash drafts. How are you using your notebook.


    1. I want to use if for ideas, snippets, anything and everything!


  2. Yes – life is grand! I loved the effervescence of this slice…so bubbly and filled with summer excitement.

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  3. I love how fresh this writing feels! But I can also feel a little how I feel, that time is already passing and there’s so much I want to get done and there just isn’t enough time to do it all!! I hope you do everything you want to do!


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