Had an interesting discussion with class-
“I need to go to the movies this weekend.”
“Really? You need to go or you want to go?”
“Okay, but I want to go really bad.”
Then the discussion evolved into what do we really need/want.
Most of the basic needs were acknowledged: food, water, shelter. What about friendship, pets, games, books? Are these only wants or are they something basic to all humans? Don’t we all need understanding(love)? Don’t we all need/want companionship?
Discuss, discuss.
What about a reason for living, a purpose in life – just a want?
When there is purpose, isn’t there meaning? What’s your purpose in life right now? What do you want it to be as you get older?
Lots of food for thought- for us all.



3 thoughts on “Want/Need?

  1. My son’s new teacher (LTS for his teacher who had a child) started getting to know them by asking them “would you rather” questions. He really enjoyed it and felt that she really wanted to get to know them through these questions.

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  2. Discussing wants vs. needs is always an enlightening conversation with students. I’ve found that my wants vs. needs has changed with age. I basically all about less is more and keeping things simple. Thanks for a post that caused me to ponder just a bit more.


  3. An interesting discussion indeed.


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