Day 24

Ten things you should know about me:


    1. I love to read. I remember as a child that I would rather stay home and read, then do some family activities. I always feel sad whenever I go into a home with no books or magazines around. Whenever I moved ( and I moved a lot when I was younger) I always wanted to check out the libraries in each place. I have always felt at home in a library.
    2. The normal one in the middle. My Mom wanted four kids and my Day wanted four kids, so when they married they ended up with eight kids. I am one of the normal ones in the middle. I have older sisters and brothers who paved the way for me. And I have younger sisters and a  brother who appreciate the rules I had to break first.
    3. I’m a late bloomer. I didn’t get married until I was over forty and never had any kids. However I am blessed to enjoy granddaughters from a stepchild. They have become a piece of my heart I am only too happy to share.
    4. Teacher as a later career. I finally made it back to my heart’s desire, teaching, later in life. Back in the seventies, teacher education was not exciting. I was so perplexed when I had to sit in a Math class, reviewing addition and subtraction, when I had aced algebra in high school. I did not have the patience so left education for science. Much later I found my way back to the classroom when the lab work, housecleaning, and then waitressing were only work and not fulfilling at all. Teaching is a career that has purpose and fulfillment for me.
    5. I love to cook and bake.  There were years when the only thing I wanted to read before bed were cookbooks. They gave me such good dreams! Some of my favorite shows are on the cooking channel. My husband and I would love to be judges for some of that food.
    6. I am a cat person. For most of my life I have always had a cat. My old  pal, Jezabelle, was my companion for 23 years. She endured the moves, but liked it best when she could roam and hunt outdoors. She was a great mouser – bringing home trophy birds, snakes, frogs, weasels and rabbits – all gifts for me. The new cat, only seven years old-Janus, is a sweetie too.
    7. I like my iPad. I am amazed at how comfortable I have become with this technology. Remember I did not grow up connected like kids today. I have learnt a lot from my students and there is still more to know. Don’t be so afraid to push those buttons!
    8. I am a morning person. Almost everyone in my family is a morning person. We blame it on my father who worked as a milkman for many years. He was always up at the crack of dawn. Now it seems I am too. During family vacation time together, our days start early.
    9. I choose to live a little off  the grid. After  several years in a city, I like living away from the maddening crowd. Sometimes it is difficult when you forget a  purchase or to do an errand in town. However, the peace and quiet and serenity of the country nights is sublime.
    10. My favorite snack is popcorn. I like popcorn drizzled with olive oil and herbs like rosemary, basil and red pepper flakes. In college this obsession was so strong that I would eat one batch of popcorn in the evening, make another batch to stash under my bed to grab and eat in the middle of the night if I should wake up!

Day 23

I Love Lucy in the Kitchen

A  delicious dessert was being made,

And the graham crackers were already laid,

All left to do was whip the cream

And chocolate would be added in a stream.

I couldn’t wait to put it all together.

Whir, whir the bowl does swirl

When suddenly a glitch appears

And chocolate cream was sprayed

Sprayed from head to toe,

From cupboard to stove!

Our treat would have to wait…

Day 22

Why I wouldn’t want to teach ESL? It is hard enough to get English speaking students to recognize and use the English language correctly.
“We drive our cars on the parkway, and park our cars in the driveway!”
Homophones and homographs can be such fun to examine:
My dear husband loves to cook deer meat. He does cook that meal well, but never the meat from does.
A new tale:The wind blew as I tried to wind up the blue kite tail. I knew it would, but towards the wood! Whether or not, depends on the weather. Before it breaks, I will apply the brakes.

Day 21

I’m itching to start the spring cleaning. With our capricious winter/spring days, little has been accomplished so far. I trained for these events throughout my upbringing.
Mom insisted on daily and weekly chores(sprints), but the spring and fall cleanings were the marathons. One weekend the downstairs would be scrubbed and polished and invariably rearranged. Cupboards and drawers emptied and examined. Screens removed or put on the freshly washed windows. The next weekend the upstairs was tackled. The summer/winter wardrobes were exchanged. The perfect time to empty those closets and drawers. With eight kids also the time to hand- me down the clothes someone had outgrown! Walls, floors and mattresses vacuumed. Finally I would be old/tall enough to hang out over the second story window ledges to spritz those windows clean. Those old wooden frames were heavy as they were raised and lowered to get them clean. Then the screens had to be wrestled into place after waxing the edges with old candles to help them slide better. All this with Mom nearby inspecting, encouraging and cleaning. My favorite part, and still today, is taking the laundered curtains in from the clothesline, then ironing them crisp before putting them back up on those mirror clean windows!
I can hardly wait to begin, homage to my Mom.

Day 20

That’s what I was feeling when reading some of these inspiring quotes every day. Today’s quote though, is one I can understand and relate to. Not that I am doing that many first drafts…but a lot of rejecting going on I in my head. Do I have the guts to be a writer, let alone the skill? I know, I know- baby steps first. I am inspired by you fellow bloggers – such skill, vocabulary and syntax. Practice makes perfect….

It reminds of a comment from my eighth grade teacher nun. At that age I was writing up a storm: diaries, poems, notes and letters. It was after I had written a great essay about the history of shoes from a shoes point of view. Remember this was the 60s, not much for writing instruction – just write. Well the next week half the class had written papers from different point of views. Instead of being pleased, I felt like they had stole my thunder. This is when Sister Xavier told me “not to hide my light under a basket!” My first example of model writing.

Day 19

What’s happening:


getting ready for a busy weekend, they are all busy
hoping for no snow this weekend, no snarls
planning fun with the granddaughters,of course everything is fun with those two
listening to the ticking of the clock, the deep breaths of the girls sleeping
measuring the minuscule growth of the daffodils out of the frozen ground
enjoying the perfect cup of coffee, looks like time for another one before the day rushes in…

Day 18

One just has to love living in New England. Things always change. After a winter much warmer than normal with way less snow for us, we are now watching a possible nor’easter bring snow on the first day of spring! Things change, people change. Isn’t that what makes life so interesting? That possibility, that chance, that hope!


Okay, self. Let’s change too.

Time to become more patient, more positive, more in shape.

I’m hoping this discipline of writing everyday for a month will give me the will-power, the fortitude, the strength to start another challenge – exercising every day. I want to be healthier!