Day 29

Waiting for inspiration. Writing challenge almost over. Commitment almost fulfilled. I’ve already written about-

  • Weather- still bipolar
  • The cat- still an early morning pest
  • Spring cleaning- not done yet
  • School- still so much to do
  • Letter to myself:

Dear Teri,

      You did it, just about finished the month long writing challenge. It was good. Remember how fulfilling it felt to have accomplished putting a little of yourself on paper. Things that have been rattling around in my head were sorted out. Reflection and observation were drawn upon. Early mornings are a good time to process ideas and feelings. The point is to start, baby steps – something usually emerges from the chaos.

        A reward from this challenge was the feedback, comments and encouragement from the fellow writers. As this was my first time blogging, I did not know what to expect. My writings are not professional, would I be read? The camaraderie was heart warming. I am not used to sharing with strangers.

             Message to myself – Don’t stop now!



writing drafts


2 thoughts on “Day 29

  1. Definitely don’t stop now. Join the Tuesday slicers. It is only a slice week (piece of cake after this month!) and you get to maintain or build writing friendships.

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    1. I like your suggestion and will look iat it – one day a week is certainly easier to manage. Thanks for all your support.


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