Day 24

Ten things you should know about me:


    1. I love to read. I remember as a child that I would rather stay home and read, then do some family activities. I always feel sad whenever I go into a home with no books or magazines around. Whenever I moved ( and I moved a lot when I was younger) I always wanted to check out the libraries in each place. I have always felt at home in a library.
    2. The normal one in the middle. My Mom wanted four kids and my Day wanted four kids, so when they married they ended up with eight kids. I am one of the normal ones in the middle. I have older sisters and brothers who paved the way for me. And I have younger sisters and a  brother who appreciate the rules I had to break first.
    3. I’m a late bloomer. I didn’t get married until I was over forty and never had any kids. However I am blessed to enjoy granddaughters from a stepchild. They have become a piece of my heart I am only too happy to share.
    4. Teacher as a later career. I finally made it back to my heart’s desire, teaching, later in life. Back in the seventies, teacher education was not exciting. I was so perplexed when I had to sit in a Math class, reviewing addition and subtraction, when I had aced algebra in high school. I did not have the patience so left education for science. Much later I found my way back to the classroom when the lab work, housecleaning, and then waitressing were only work and not fulfilling at all. Teaching is a career that has purpose and fulfillment for me.
    5. I love to cook and bake.  There were years when the only thing I wanted to read before bed were cookbooks. They gave me such good dreams! Some of my favorite shows are on the cooking channel. My husband and I would love to be judges for some of that food.
    6. I am a cat person. For most of my life I have always had a cat. My old  pal, Jezabelle, was my companion for 23 years. She endured the moves, but liked it best when she could roam and hunt outdoors. She was a great mouser – bringing home trophy birds, snakes, frogs, weasels and rabbits – all gifts for me. The new cat, only seven years old-Janus, is a sweetie too.
    7. I like my iPad. I am amazed at how comfortable I have become with this technology. Remember I did not grow up connected like kids today. I have learnt a lot from my students and there is still more to know. Don’t be so afraid to push those buttons!
    8. I am a morning person. Almost everyone in my family is a morning person. We blame it on my father who worked as a milkman for many years. He was always up at the crack of dawn. Now it seems I am too. During family vacation time together, our days start early.
    9. I choose to live a little off  the grid. After  several years in a city, I like living away from the maddening crowd. Sometimes it is difficult when you forget a  purchase or to do an errand in town. However, the peace and quiet and serenity of the country nights is sublime.
    10. My favorite snack is popcorn. I like popcorn drizzled with olive oil and herbs like rosemary, basil and red pepper flakes. In college this obsession was so strong that I would eat one batch of popcorn in the evening, make another batch to stash under my bed to grab and eat in the middle of the night if I should wake up!

6 thoughts on “Day 24

  1. Reading this post gave me some insight about you, a person I’ve not met. Your childhood seems full of love.

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    1. We definitely have some things in common- reading, baking, iPad, and popcorn! I envy people like you who are morning people. I am not! Despite choosing teaching as a career, which is an early morning job, I have still not been able to turn myself into an early riser.

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  2. Great post! I can certainly relate to your love of reading. I, too, moved around and found that books made excellent companions. My brother and sister would be off making friends, and I would be inside, reading books. If we went to someone else’s house, I would make a beeline for the bookshelves.

    I still remember the time discovered a walk-in closet that had a light inside. I settled inside the closet with a stack of books and read until it was time to go home.

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  3. It is fun getting to know people through SOL posts. I am also a morning person who likes to read. I am a dog person who at 51, has never married. I am OK with that and very set in my ways, so it might actually be for the best.

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  4. It’s always great to realize that you have things in common with another slicer. I am very interested in trying your popcorn recipe!

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  5. I love your idea of 10 things to share about yourself. It helps me get to know you better. I love to read as well. It helps put my day to bed.

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