Day 15

           I can’t wait for the time to start planting the garden. I know we are being teased by this crazy weather these last few days. While it has been unseasonably warm lately, there was snow on the ground this morning! Mother Nature just being herself. Sometimes we need to be reminded of her beauty and power. Every setting can have its own beauty. Here surrounding me, it’s tall trees, rolling hills, clear lakes and ponds, clean rivers and streams and the wildlife too. While taking a walk I can see squirrels, foxes, eagles, deer and moose. This morning feeling happy and grateful for the majesty of nature, of life.


2 thoughts on “Day 15

  1. The one upside of having to walk the dog every morning and afternoon is that I have an excuse to experience “Mother Nature just being herself. ” Somedays she is harsh, but this time of year I get to see her real power as plants begin to bloom. Thanks for this upbeat piece. I will keep it in mind as I walk Lucy in the rain. Again.

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  2. Our dog, Sam the beagle, has been gone now for over a year- I still miss those walks with him.Although it is hard to walk a beagle – his nose leads so much of the time! Enjoy your walks.


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