My cat is training me

This crazy winter weather is driving us all crazy. It is especially hard on cats too, here in Northern NH.


“You just went out. It’s too cold. You didn’t like it!” I groggily said at 1:50am


“Here try a bite of this new can of cat food. Maybe a few treats?”


“Here smell this new toy. Isn’t this what you want?”


“What? What? What?”


“I need to get back to sleep, I want to get back to  sleep.”


“Here let’s try a little catnip (even though I know its not the freshest kind for you)”


“OK, why can’t I go back to sleep? Let me think about a…. beach, summer….school…oh, no don’t forget…..”

-5 and half hours later, the cat still lies comatose in front of the wood stove, while I bundle up and drearily start my day!


3 thoughts on “My cat is training me

  1. When I had two dogs, Fiona would get me up through the night, sometimes twice as she got closer to the end. Lucy would sleep right through it. I lost Fiona in November. Lucy now wakes me up through the night and I wonder why she can’t sleep through it anymore.

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  2. Thankfully my cats always slept through the night. I love picturing the comatose cat while you are headed out the door for a day of work. Hmm, wonder what the cat does while you are gone?

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  3. I am well trained by my two cats. At 3:30 they wake me up to go to the bathroom, because of course I have to pee in the middle of a deep sleep. I’ve also been trained to leap over cats going up and down the stairs – quite the circus act!


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