2nd Day- Let’s try it again

I guess  I pasted the wrong link yesterday to my blog. I think my problem was that I tried to link it to SOLC#16 before I even posted it. So I will try to do it correctly today…

A do-over. Yes, sometimes I need to give students a do-over too, while still somehow emphasizing the importance of getting things done on time the first time.  Sometimes we do need a second chance, more time, more explanation.  Hint, hint,  you techies!


4 thoughts on “2nd Day- Let’s try it again

  1. I did a “do over” last week while my VP was in observing me. We have all made that mistake. Just remember to post your link on that day’s TWT page. There is a new one every day. You’ll be an old pro by the end of the month.

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  2. Your link was perfect today! Slowly we learn the ins and outs of this blogging world. There are still lots of things I don’t know and I’ve been doing it for six years.


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