2nd Day- Let’s try it again

I guess  I pasted the wrong link yesterday to my blog. I think my problem was that I tried to link it to SOLC#16 before I even posted it. So I will try to do it correctly today…

A do-over. Yes, sometimes I need to give students a do-over too, while still somehow emphasizing the importance of getting things done on time the first time.  Sometimes we do need a second chance, more time, more explanation.  Hint, hint,  you techies!


4 thoughts on “2nd Day- Let’s try it again

  1. I did a “do over” last week while my VP was in observing me. We have all made that mistake. Just remember to post your link on that day’s TWT page. There is a new one every day. You’ll be an old pro by the end of the month.

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  2. Your link was perfect today! Slowly we learn the ins and outs of this blogging world. There are still lots of things I don’t know and I’ve been doing it for six years.


  3. I, too, was hopelessly inept (technologicially speaking) during my first SOL days. Don’t give up. It’s just “growing pains.” The important thing is that you are growing!

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