My First Slice

I only know I am trying this in order to write more. If I want my students to become better writers, I should also become a better writer. Not ready for the classroom challenge yet, let’s see if I can even do this??

I have written in journals and diaries at other times. I do enjoy writing, finding the right word, the right mood I want to get across to the reader. It can often help me to sort out my feelings and concerns. Writing can help me name what I am feeling.


3 thoughts on “My First Slice

  1. Writing does help you figure out feelings, but writing in the challenge allows you to have an audience and that’s powerful. Someone, many someones will read and respond to your words. Writing in a journal doesn’t go public, so only you have the satisfaction of that writing. Now there will be validation for your thoughts and words.
    Check your link because it is not working to bring readers here. This is the link you need to post:


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